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" Mom, Mom, " He says as he pulls on her skirt.

She's got one hundred things on

her mind but he's only thinking about one. " What honey ? " She asks.

" When are we going to see Sensei ? " He says.

" I need more Experience points ! "

Automation and reaching the students where

they are is the key.

Playing games and Chatting with their friends is where you will find kids these days. We're helping them find you and rewarding them for

joining your club.

What does automatic rewards and organic marketing mean

When a student starts playing the game in your town they are automatically Put into your ninja student category on you app. This allows you to send a welcome email and follow up by giving you the ability to export that contact. You Know this is a qualified lead. A child that is close to your school playing a Martial Arts orientated video game, that can be rewarded by joining your school. In addition their profile tells them you are their local martial arts club.

It doesn't stop there !


Schedule a phone Consultation

Setup a Live Demo or a

Phone Consultation


Continuously reward your students through automatic notifications

That's you sending a message, but the system is automatically doing it. Every seven days a reward is sent to the student for being a member of your martial arts school.They are given honor coins and experience points in their phone every week. Reminding them that you care.






Our promotion codes help you gather

even more students

Trade shows, Fourth of July parades, community get together's and more.

These things get expensive!

Dragon Force Ninjas lets you give every single child that comes to your table a free video game.

We give you a promotional code that allows the player to receive an extra 1000 honor coins, the currency of the game when they download it.

The potential client will not only have the card you gave them they will also have in their video game profile the reminder that you are there local martial arts school.

If they want more Honor coins all they need to do is join Your school.

Again it's free to play !



You will you get their contact info

when they download your game.

Starting to see how powerful this marketing tool is