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Imagine having your own video game automatically rewarding students

for using it and getting new referrals from them

without asking.

Students need motivation and you need students. Imagine  a mobile video game Generating Daily Qualified Leads! A child that lives in your target market, Is interested your Martial Arts Program,  and probably already has a friend in your class.

Getting Started is Easy !

Dragon Force Ninjas and the Sensei App

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We are everywhere !

A Beautiful Video Game !

Student Rewards !

The Sensei App !

A video game made for you, that markets you.

The game is free to play.

We don't lock you into uncomfortable contracts. We work continuously to earn your business.

Dragon Force Ninjas is completely mobile.

It can be played anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed referrals.

Students will refer you Freely and the game

will reward them automatically.

A Professionally Done

Martial Arts Video Game.




Join a free 30 day trial

Join Dragon Force Ninjas

Verification takes 3 to 5 business days.

- Day 1-

Use your Sensei App

First 30 days are free but we don't start until your 100% comfortable.

- Day 14 or sooner -


When you're ready we help you tell your students and spread the word.

- 30 Days or sooner -

Schedule a phone Consultation

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Dragon Force Ninjas Helps your

Martial Arts Schools Grow

Turn players into leads and leads into members.

Dragon Force Ninjas gets the contact information of all the players in your town and send them to you.

Watch this game work for you as your club increases.

They're not even your students yet but they will know your address, your brand,

your logo and it will showcase your School.

Automate rewards and continuous reminders to visit your school.

As long as your student is a member of your club they will get automatic rewards sent to their game profile on a weekly basis.

Dragon Force Ninjas puts your lead generation on auto pilot by reaching the children were there at so you can focus on running your martial arts school.

We Help Martial Art Schools Get Leads.

What people say . . .

You should have our friends.

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It's time we put video games to a good use.  

Take advantage of the powerful marking tool that they are. Motivate your students. Help your parents find good games and make your schools grow !